How to Fix 508 Resource Limit is Reached error on WordPress

Folly was specifically designed to get your website back online when you are getting a 508 Resource Limit is Reached error on your WordPress website. Get started right now

You are getting tons and tons of pageviews, and missing out on all the ad revenue that comes with it.

Why am a getting '508 Resource Limit is Reached' on my WordPress site?

If you browse the web for answers to this question, you’ll get lots of answers, most about optimizing your WordPress site in various ways. But the real answer to your question is simply that your website is using too many resources - more people are viewing your content than your host can support. In other words, you are getting tons and tons of pageviews, and missing out on all the ad revenue that comes with it.

Well that sucks. How can I fix it??

Fortunately, we have you covered. Fill out the form below RIGHT NOW. No, really. Stop reading and complete the form now. We’ll get you back up and running right now for free, and starting at just $35/mo next month if you choose to keep using our service.

I understand the following:

I've submitted the form. Now what?

Now that you’ve sent in your request, you are minutes away from your website being back online. We’ll send you an email in a few minutes with some instructions on how to verify your ownership of your domain. Once you’ve completed those steps, email us back so that we can finish getting things ready. As soon as we are done, we’ll give you an IP address to point your domain at to start getting some relief for your servers.

How exactly does Folly work?

We’ve set up what we like to playfully call a “scalable reverse-proxy application cache”. Essentially, people around the world ask Folly for pages on your website, instead of asking your website directly. Folly asks your website for a page once every 10 minutes, but sends out the page to your users up to hundreds of thousands of times per minute. This gives your website all the breathing room that it needs in order to keep functioning, while we do all the heavy lifting on our end. Folly is optimized to serve your web pages FASTER and CHEAPER than your host can do it, and it’s designed to SCALE to up to MILLIONS of pageviews per day. There is no need to switch hosts. Just verify your domain, point your website at our IP, and we do everything else.

Is this safe? Are you taking over my website?

You always maintain direct control of your domain. At any time, you are free to point your domain back at your WordPress host, and then Folly is completely disabled. We are not taking over your website, just providing a more efficient way to serve your pages. If you ever decide to move on from Folly, we'll refund your most recent payment in full, as a way to say THANK YOU for giving us a shot.

How much does this all cost?

We’re really, really good at what we do, and we’ve optimized Folly to the point where we can charge you just $35/mo for bursts of up to 10 million pageviews per day. If your every-day traffic is consistently above 1 million pageviews per day, then we’ll contact you and ask to upgrade to our “High Availability” plan that costs $250/mo. But these are "Soft Limits," not "Hard Limits". A huge spike in traffic is something to celebrate! We won't ever just cut you off, or stop users from viewing your site. We'll reach out to you and talk through the options to make sure we do what's best both for you, and for Folly's network.