What exactly is Folly, and how does it work?

Folly is a highly-optimized scalable application cache for WordPress

That's a mouthful. Basically what that means is that Folly makes a copy of your WordPress website, optimizes the code, and serves your webpages in a super-efficient way to your users. Nothing changes on your end. You keep your existing host. When you are logged into your WordPress site as an admin, Folly gets out of the way and lets you manage your website just like you normally would. The only gotcha that you need to know about is that when you update a post, it can take up to 10 minutes for the public to see your changes. You will see changes made to your posts immediately, though.

How does Folly work?

We've made Folly as dead-simple to set up as possible. You can see all the technical details on how to set it up on our Getting Started guide. As a quick summary, this is what we need:

  1. You verify you own your website by creating a DNS CNAME record.
  2. You create a DNS A record to tell us where your website is hosted.
  3. Once we've set up and tested things on our end, you point your website's DNS at the Folly IP Address we give you.

That's all you have to do on your end to be up and running with Folly. We take care of everything else, like:

  1. Making sure your website is secure, always using SSL
  2. Using industry best practices, like serving all your static content through a Content Delivery Network
  3. Automatically and seamlessly scaling behind the scenes to be able to handle upwards of 10 million page views per day

Considering that a single viral post can bring in tens of thousands of dollars a day in ad revenue (if your website stays online!), Folly is a no-brainer. Our $35/mo plan will let your website handle over 10 million pageviews a day.

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