Can your blog handle a viral post?

One viral post can 1000x your traffic AND 1000x your income overnight.
Can your blog handle that kind of traffic? With Folly, it can.

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For just $35/mo you get:

  • Sustained* 1 Million pageviews per day
  • Bursts up to 10 Million pageviews per day
  • Scale up to hundreds of millions of pageviews per day within hours (additional fees apply)
  • No migration or downtime required. Keep your current host.
* If you are getting over 2 Million pageviews a day for more than a week, we’ll reach out and talk through your options.
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Keep in mind!

  • Viral is HUGE A viral post can easily bring in over a million pageviews a day
  • WordPress was NOT meant to scale Most WordPress sites can handle up to tens of thousands of pageviews a day, not millions
  • Traffic EQUALS Money If a viral post brings down your blog, you could be losing out on tens of thousands of dollars a day in ad revenue

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We have a plan for you!

A simple service with simple pricing.
All plans are month-to-month. No-hassle cancellation. Generous refund policy.

Built for Viral

$35  / month
  • Sustained 1 Million PV/day
  • Bursts of up to 10 Million PV/day
  • Keep your current host!
  • No downtime or migrations
  • Unlimited bandwidth

Built for Uptime

$250  / month
  • World-class High Availability configuration
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Designed to survive large-scale disasters
  • 4x capacity of Built for Viral plan